Thursday, September 07, 2006


If anybody ever tells me that they think travelling internationally for work is glamorous I will smack them round the head with whatever large object is to hand. Just logged my hours on my time sheet for Tuesday and Wednesday - I did two 11 1/2 hour days. All I saw of Paris was the Eiffel tower as we were landing and the inside of a Ministry of Education office block. Still very interesting, great opportunity and the meeting went well. Roll on Brussels in two weeks....

Husband picked me up at the airport (sweetie) and we drove home through heavy rain with me semi-comatose in the passenger seat. Arrived home to find that Tate had missed me so much that he had brought me a wonderful present - a large, dead rat. I suppose a dead rat is better than a live rat, but it still wasn't quite what I had asked for. Did make me realise that there are 'country' rats and 'town' rats. Our local rats in Leeds used to be evil brown/black things with beady eyes. This chap was quite cute with a mottled brown back and white tummy.

Obviously disturbed at my lack of enthusaism for his first offering Tate decided to have another go. At about 4.30am I heard a noise which I can only describe as a cat trying to impersonate an air raid siren. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes and when Husband failed to wake I made my way downstairs. Tate had captured an absoloutely tiny mouse which he was playing with (still alive). I tried to get it from him and a chase around the downstairs ensured with the mouse either in Tate's mouse or close enough that he could grab it again. Anyway, managed to get the poor fella in a box and put him in the front garden - don't hold out much hope for his survival though.

Well, the working day is nearly over so I had better make a move - just hoping there are no more 'presents' when we get home.xx

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