Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bag of dreams

I always wondered if it was possible to fall in love with a bag. I've been lusting after a proper work bag for many moons. Now I finally feel I have the job to justify it and love them as I do my everyday tote's from deepening just don't quite cut it on a proper business trip. They do alright as they kind of fit documents in, but they certainly don't seal completely or keep out the elements.

I've been hunting around the web tonight as Husband watches the Champion's League on Sky Sports and I was almost totally convinced that I was going to go down the Radley line. High quality, not too fashionable design so will last..... I then I came across I know they may not quite be to everybody's taste - the logo print a little Louis Vuitton - but I want one, and I want it now. But which one? Business tote, Briefcase or Fashion Tote? All water and stain resistant - and so well designed! And will that mean I need the matching wallet...... I've already picked out a Hidesign briefcase for Husband so I'm thinking mutual present to excuse the lavishness.

Okay, that's enough wittering. I'm generally having a crappola of a weak. Kicked off by a super-horrible migraine on Sunday night - which instead of making me sick seemed to get the other end of my digestive system going. That laid me in bed on Monday due to no sleep and total wooziness. Last two days at work have since been manic - and I think I've managed to piss off most of the people on the new committee that I'm secretary for and that's even before the first meeting.

At least Husband has booked his time off work for his birthday surprise next month. Can't wait as it will be just what we need. Must get on to buying a few birthday presents soon - thank goodness I get paid on Friday!

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AdventuringJen said...

Hello my sweet. I think the business tote...probably! I'm not entirely convinced but that is probably my winner! And yes, I'm sure you will need the matching wallet. I pine for a radley purse (and mirror and card holder and...) to go with my beautiful bag!
Sorry to hear you aren't so healthy hope it picks up a bit again soon and you can really enjoy the birthday surprise. missing you!