Monday, September 04, 2006

One wedding down, one to go!

Got back from H&S's wedding at midnight last night - absoloutely knackered.

Sights of the M5:

  • 4 life size plastic cows (4 black and white, one brown and white) on a trailer
  • an 'F' reg perfect condition Nissan micra (that's a whole person able to vote old)

Worth the effort though as it was a lovely day. Very classy. Helen looked stunning - I always forget how mini she is, tiny waist. Same figure as me minus about 2-3stone.... slightly depressing. Best thing about it was catching up with Grace, Becca and their men. Grace and I got rather hyperactive on some kind of vodka based fruit punch and I started talking very loudly about subjects that weren't really for public consumption.

Ben did the man thing and drove us home. We have discovered some 'new' services - ones that Ben had always claimed you couldn't get to from the M1 - Donnington Park. Very shiny and new with a funky integrated Travelodge for those of that persuasion. Had to stop for a 'comfort' break where I managed to pick the only loo with a broken seat. One of the hinges was busted so I kept sliding around - but as I had started... I had to finish.

Totally overwhelmed at work at the moment - can't believe I was ever bored and constantly hunting around for things to do. Still trying to work out some dodgy accountancy practices, running a new management committee, chasing up a new accreditation scheme steering group..... and I'm off to Paris tomorrow to spend 8 hours in a room and not see any of the city - Booooooo!

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AdventuringJen said...

She looks lovely! Glad you had a good day and saw B&G, no H?
Hope Paris is grand.