Monday, May 09, 2011

Promises and perils - reflections on the ethics of international funding

I'm afraid dear Blogger, you have been usurped. Today's blog of mine appears courtesy of the Guardian online - Promises and perils. Me is proper writer now.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pacifying the bear

There is a bear in my workplace. It is seemingly constantly in that state of post hibernation grumpiness, and I, in particular seem to anger it. Things came to a head this week and now I need to find a way to pacify the bear as I know that although I'm being asked to change my behaviour, the bear will never be asked to change, and as grumpiness is in a bear's nature I'm not sure that is possible any way. I've found the whole situation very upsetting but after getting over the shock (and significant irony) of someone complaining about my behaviour who I find a passive aggressive bully, I've decided that peace is far more important to me in this situation than justice. So now I'm going to be unfailingly polite and a civil servant to its crazy minister as much as that will stick in my throat, it's what I need to do.

Now, where can I find a giant pot of honey.....?