Thursday, March 01, 2007

The madness of Charles de Gaulle

Thought I'd do a pre-bed blog as although I'm totally exhausted my chest is all tight with remainder stress. Flew to Vienna and back this week, via Paris, in 36 hours I had two 8 hour journeys (door to door), a few hours sleep and a 7 hour meeting. I honestly don't now how my boss does it - or for that matter why he'd rather change in the worst airport in the world (must take camera the next time to take a photo of the two identical signs pointing in opposite directions) instead of fly direct from Heathrow. Admittedly Heathrow can be a nightmare too, but at least you wouldn't be doing a transfer through it.

I saw pretty much nil of Vienna itself - although the glimpses I did see and the guidebook definitely made me want to go back for pleasure. I do enjoy the actual meetings - the trips would be totally masochistic if I didn't. There is something I find captivating about listening to a bunch of people from all over Europe talking, debating, negotiating. All with the same aim but all with different viewpoints.

I applied for a job last week though the deadline has just passed. Although I would miss the group of Euro peeps that I've come to know this job would keep that element going, and make me more my own boss. Anyway, we'll see what happens in a few days if I get an invitation to interview. I don't know if my boss knows I'm looking at other jobs - admittedly not with all out determination - as I still haven't been told what his plans for me past September are. I have to say its not the first organisation I've worked for - or heard of - that has no conception that if you don't firm up someone's future far enough in advance, they are pretty likely to find somebody else who will.

The rest of work has been manically busy. That's the other thing that drives me mad about my job: some weeks I'm twiddling my thumbs, and some weeks I'm totally run off my feet. I'm completely shattered but I've got tons to do tomorrow: a set of minutes, proofreading a non-native English written report, finishing off a Board report and a million other smaller things. None of them could have been done any earlier than now and all have to be done by the end of tomorrow or Monday. Aaaaaaaarrrghhh!

When husband swung the car around to pick me up I just told him I wanted to have a total 4 year old 'paddy' (the word for tantrum in our family). To throw my arms around, scream at the top of my lungs and whine 'I'm fed up'. I know the feelings will pass, aided by rest and muffkin cats this weekend. Husband has been great since I got back, doing shopping, cooking and putting up with a ridiculously grumpy wife.

Right... bleugrh over... I'm off to bed to be molested by a ginger cat.

P.S. Picture is of the airport before they built about 3 million new terminals... doesn't it look beautiful.

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doctor/woman said...

I get an image of you as some glamourous international businesswoman doing important things all day. Good job you have Husband and cats and a normal life to keep you sane. Hope you recover fast from the tiredness and that your plans for future go well. xx