Friday, February 02, 2007

Cold Cat

My hands are ripped to shreds and I think I’ve temporarily ruined my relationship with Tate. Last week he started winking at us. Then he started sneezing and sniffling. By Monday night he had tears streaming down his cheeks and looked a very sorry sight. We booked him in to see the vet. Of course, as is always the case, he looked 10 times better by morning, but she still did find a raised temperature and a blocked left nostril/tear duct. She gave him an anti-inflammatory injection and some antibiotic tablets just in case.

Husband has been away in Glasgow for two nights and two days this week so I’ve been left to administer the cat tablets on my own. Tate is tense – unlike his brother Lyle who is laid back (this is the mnemonic that my Mum uses to remember which one is which). We had hoped that as the tablets were ‘palatable’ he might co-operate… but we were over-optimistic. I’ve got a nasty scratch on my left forearm and index finger and various puncture wounds on my right hand. Anyway, I have finally mastered the one-personed cat tablet administration so here are my top tips:

- chase cat around the house, slowly closing doors so he has nowhere left to run
- attempt to grab cat but fall over instead
- drag cat out from under bed
- wrap in towel ensuring all front and back legs are inside
- slide the tablet in through the gap in the cats teeth on the side
- clamp the cats mouth shut until he has to swallow because he can’t breathe through his nose
- realise his back legs have got free and attacked you leaving a bleeding gash
- release cat

No wonder he hates me…

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AdventuringJen said...

Oh dear! I'm sure he will forgive you quickly once he's feeling better! (Not that I think a cat can associate tablets and being chased with removal of cold but...!) Have a lovely weekend :)