Thursday, November 09, 2006

Leave a light on....

Well it took Belinda Carlisle to get me in the bath today. Not an obvious motivator I guess but it did it for me. I was feeling a little odd last night, made soup but couldn't eat it, then we went to bed and I just couldn't sleep. Even when I did nod off, I kept waking up through the night. Needless to say I felt awful this morning and had to take the day off work. Anyway, I was having difficulty getting up the energy to get washed and dressed after watching Neighbours (will Carl remember accidentally sleeping with Izzy?), and 'We want the same thing' came on one of the music channels. So I decided, with Belinda to help me, I could face a bath. Grabbed her greatest hits and headed upstairs. Now I'm clean, legs are shaved and I have 'Live your life be free' going around my head.

I also had another secret motivator. More4 are showing Thirtysomething at 3pm on weekdays. The show was one of the things my Mum and I used to watch together - along with Northern Exposure - before I became a terrible teen. Not sure that Thirtysomething was a suitable programme for me considering the age I must have been, but anyway it reminds me of better times with my Mum. She and Dad have made it to Perth for their 6 week holiday in Australia. I can't believe she actually took the 21 hour flight - I'm really proud of her.


AdventuringJen said...

Wow! I didn't know your parents were venturing to the southern hemisphere, well done them! Are they crossing the ditch at all? If so, give them our details and we could meet up for a coffee. Glad to hear Belinda could help. Hope you have a better sleep tonight. Many hugs

Lex Ham Rand said...

Oh, we LOVE Northern Exposure at my house. My kids weren't even alive (or were babies) when the episodes were first aired.

Now the first four seasons are on DVD and we can rent them from the local video store. MUCH better than most of the shows currently on the air.