Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The little things

After yesterday's bummer of a post I thought maybe it was time for a little light humour. Been working at home today which is always cheers me up (except for the fact that Gilmore Girls is no longer on the Hallmark channel at 12.00pm). Attempting my version 4 of a new organogram which will hopefully finally past muster with the senior managers - oh what a life I lead! Anyway, what prompted me to write this post was two things:

Firstly, today's comedy conversation between husband and I:
Scenario: Husband clearing out fridge of dead things before going to Sainsbury's....

-Husband: what are you doing with these eggs in the fridge?
-Me: they're fine (husband doesn't understand eggs, he has a fear of them)
-Husband: no these ones in a bowl
-Me: those are mangoes

Well I laughed..... Secondly, I thought of another '3 things' thing: what you never want anyone to see you doing (with possible exception of husband, long term boyf).

My 3 would be:
- Jogging up the stairs in my pyjamas holding on to my boobs so they don't give me a black eye (this is what gave me the idea)
- Using depilatory cream
- Vomiting

Come on... what are you're 3?

1 comment:

AdventuringJen said...

Tee hee hee!
Shall email re the other post but the three things...hmm! I'm with you on the running/boob holding one...And the other two too! Shall try to think of my own three and come back to you. :) xxx
(also v much liking the mangoes story)