Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lark rise to Chengdu

I praise my ability to sleep at anytime in a bed, if only that skill could be translated to planes, trains and automobiles. We arrived in Chengdu in Western China after about 20 hours or so travelling and 27 hours awake. I’d got a bit of a kip on the internal flight from Beijing to Chengdu but not much. We did dinner, we walked around the (very shiny) streets and then went to bed. I hope my colleagues have had equally full night’s sleep.

The sun hasn’t yet risen here which threw me a little as it was still very dark when I woke up and I couldn’t tell if it was the middle of the night or, as it turned out, 10 minutes before my alarm was due to go off, which thankfully it was.

We now have two days in this city before flying home, a very long way to come, but all the time we could afford for this trip. Hopefully if all goes well we’ll be back here in the future.

So far my impressions of Chengdu have been, busy, shiny downtown (much shinier than Guangzhou), absolutely no westerners.

I’ve managed to forget my camera but I will be stealing my colleagues pics so hopefully I’ll be able to post a few on our return.




AdventuringJen said...

Ah busy lady!
Hope the days of work have gone well.
(randomly cos I keep forgetting to tell you by other means, my blueberry bush has new growth! hurrah!)

doctor/woman said...

wow! adventurous stuff. hope trip was productive and you had time for a little fun xx