Monday, April 14, 2008

This present crapness

Okay, so where have I been lately....mmm... let's see.... at work, yes I'm sure I remember being there some of the time. At home.... well I can only really remember the bedroom and being sat on by a large ginger cat. Oh that's right, we did go out for a drive yesterday but I don't remember much of that as I was feeling so nauseated.

So things aren't going well inside my body at the moment. CFS is bad, bad, bad. Blood pressure is still 150/100, and the losing weight hasn't really happened due to the amount of time spent in bed. Seeing the doctor in a fortnight, which I can imagine will end in me going on ACE inhibitors (boooo!) but at least I can now prove that my tiredness was not due to me "forgetting" to take my thyroid tablets. I've been taking them religiously again since mid-January, and I'm stil knackered. She's a nice doctor, and it was rational to blame my tiredness on my appauling "compliance percentage" but I know that the thyroid tablets have never made the slightest bit of difference to my tiredness... which is odd... because they should.

And this week, well this week is really just a joke:
Tuesday - work conference in London
Wednesday - work conference in London followed by opening plenary of academic conference
Thursday - at work for v. important meeting, followed by afternoon in London for academic conference... staying the night
Friday - academic conference in London... staying the night
Saturday - academic conference

I am going to be so dead by Saturday night. Oh and my father-in-law is staying tomorrow night. In the five years that husband and I have lived together he has never been to visit us - we go and see him at least two or three times a year (he is 6 hours away) - so I'm not really moaning about that. At least its on that night that I'll be home at a reasonable hour.

Husband does think I'm mad going to the academic conference - but it is the first big conference in the area of my proto-PhD (which I haven' t done any work on lately...) - and its quite handy in London. It will be my first chance to make some friends (I refuse to "network" for academic purposes) in the field and hear some of the cutting edge research. Really miffed that I've got to miss the Thursday morning.... but at the moment work has to come first.

Ok, I've moaned enough - do you fancy seeing some pictures of owls from the Bird of Prey Centre, the last time I left the house and didn't feel too crap? I sure do:

"Am I sleeping, or am I plotting something evil?"

I just couldn't get these guys to synchronise their head turning, so much for marital co-operation!

Do these look familiar? These are a pair of "Gonzo" owls! They had two pairs at the Centre. Husband and I are going to sponsor a pair when we have some spare cash.

Ok, so this isn't an owl... but it was a very impressive turkey in a field by the roadside on the way home!

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doctor/woman said...

Oh dear, stroky hair and cups of tea.... am feeling fairly "fogged up" myself, and hoping it will clear soon as the aftermath of my exam fades. Hope your mad week goes well and you feel better soon xxx