Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The randomness of physicality

Just as I thought I was getting better from the nastiness of last weeks bug it comes back to bite me on the ass... or the ribcage as it seems to be. A trip to the Doctor's yesterday has diagnosed me with Tietze's syndrome, an inflammation of the cartilage in the ribcage. It has a number of possible causes, one of them being some kind of after affect of a recent viral infection... taa dah!

So I decided not to sit for 60mins on a train, then 20 mins on a bus to haul myself into work today. But now I've had about 2 and a half hours working at the computer at home and I'm starting to seriously hurt. I think a cup of tea and a hot bath are in order.

On other news it's been a weekend of visiting parents. My Mum and Dad made the trek over for the first time in a year. I admit I had done a bit of emotional blackmailing to get them here as I was a little miffed at hearing of all their holiday excursions but not actually receiving a visit from them since just after we moved into the house. It's just nice to spend "normal time" with Mum and Dad. Things were so strained in the couple of years before Husband and I got married, as Gran took more and more of Mum's time and the rest of us were pushed out. Rebuilding relationships through normality seems a good way to go.

More family arriving for a pit stop tonight as my cousin and his new girlfriend arrive for a night's stay on their way from south-west to north. M has changed so much in the last few years - he's "returned from orbit" as my Aunt puts it. He was always a nice chap but I think had a hard time growing up the kid of an incredibly geeky wholesome couple. I guess you have to learn to accept who your parents are just as they need to learn to accept who you turn out to be. Anyway, M has now grown up into a mature, caring, gainfully employed individual who would make any parent proud. The last time I saw him was my Gran's funeral so it will be nice to meet up under happier circumstances. I think some chocolate chip banana muffins may be in order.


doctor/woman said...

chocolate chip banana muffins are ALWAYS in order!

AdventuringJen said...

Oh dear! For the ribs part...hope you find yourself more closely resembling fighting fit soon...
Hurrah for relatives though :)
and muffins :)