Saturday, April 14, 2007

10 things I don't understand about my man

  1. Buying an Easter Egg (or any other chocolate) and then not eating it for weeks.
  2. Professing to be obsessed with cleaning only to not agree that cleaning involves a duster (apparently hoover clean is husband clean).
  3. Molesting me in my (and his) sleep.
  4. Liking doing destructive DIY but then giving up when it comes to the construction.
  5. Obsession with steam trains and football (and getting disappointed when I don't do more than nod and look confused).
  6. Pretending the cat is a guitar.
  7. Putting vacuum packed baguettes in the freezer (ok that was just once).
  8. Moaning about not doing anything interesting without a) sorting out something to do or b) wanting to get up off his arse when we do have something interesting to do (although he always enjoys it in the end).
  9. His collection of Cathy Dennis, Betty Boo and other CDs no straight/sane man should own.
  10. His liking of Guinness.


Gillette said...

#3...Oh MY!! I get the toes digging into my legs. I'm thinking molestations would be lots more fun!

Nice blog you have here...

AdventuringJen said...

#1...I feel a need to defend him! As a child I used to hoard my ester eggs until they were pretty much never knew when a chocolate emergency might occur!
This post made me giggle muchly when I first read it but it has taken me til now to have the brain to comment! xxx